Commuting To Work. 10 Years Ago

Some of my blogging friends are beginning to bike commute to work again.  Some ride year round, some don’t.  I took me a few years to begin year round bike commuting and I did is sparingly in the winter.  Once the weather broke the miles added up seemingly exponentially. Riding my bike was the best part of my work day.


Ten Years and two blogs ago.  March 31 2006, riding my entry level Giant OCR 3 Road bike  dual mode commute to work.  Drive 30 miles. Ride 10 miles.

It’s all HERE

6 thoughts on “Commuting To Work. 10 Years Ago

    1. I had been changing from Brooks to the original saddle often. I finally settled on the Original. That Brooks did not bode well for me on long rides. However the B-17 is perfect for touring.


  1. Nice one, 10 years-well done! Lucky that I don’t have to drive part way otherwise I fear that the novelty may have worn off by now


    1. They certainly were long gone. That was a 2007 photo of the defunct mail room which hadn’t been used since 1998. I confiscated that room as my reading/bike storage room for a while. I did move everything to the warehouse area soon after.

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