Riding To The Polls On Day 4 Of 30 Days of Biking


It’s been horrific weather since I committed to the 30 Days of Biking challenge.  Heavy rains threatened to make the first two days, in Provincetown, MA a miserable ride.  However, both days gave a good window which allowed me to ride between the cells and get a good amount of miles in.  Today however was different.  I rode in light snow to the voting station.  Not realizing the 10 AM opening of the polls, I found myself with over an hour to kill.  I have friends that are regulars at McDonald’s and joined them to kill time. Coffee at McDonald's

Normally I would have just gone for an hour long bike ride but today was not a normal April day. 6-IMG_20160404_104650921

I very seldom use my car if I doing something in town. Just about every where I go I’m asked, “are you on your bike?” I ride in mild inclement weather a lot, but today was a little extreme which kept me from road riding.  I stayed on the MUP for the most part and rode thorough parking lots instead of on the slippery busy roads.

In the photo above, the photographer was sitting in a truck just as two biking friends were  driving to the polls. As they were passing the truck and I came into view one yelled out, “where’s your bike”.  Then they saw it just as everyone of the group of 6 people around  responded , “Where are your YOUR bikes.”

A week from now I’ll be riding three concurrent events.  The 30 Days of biking will continue for sure.  April 16 is opening day for Rails to Trails conservancy. Pledge to ride for a chance to win a new bike. opening_day16_railstotrails

It’s also the weekend of the Boston Marathon and the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride, which is on of my favorite events. We begin riding at midnight and the route is made very safe by the presence of police and workers, preparing for the Boston Marathon, that begins a few hours after our ride.

2016 midnightmarathon bike






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