30 Days Of Biking Day 2. Provincetown, MA

Rt 6 mile zero


It rained all day and was getting late.  I needed to get out and ride to fulfill my obligation to 30 days of biking.  Once I decided to go for it, the rain lightened and eventually stopped. I did get caught in a couple of meaningless light showers which was no big deal. Provincetown is a highly rated biking area with a good mix of trails, lightly traveled roads and challenging hills.

P-town dunes from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

One thought on “30 Days Of Biking Day 2. Provincetown, MA

  1. A couple of us attempted a century ride that looped through Provincetown in winter. We only got as far as Orleans when snow began to fall. Slogged back to West Denis in 6 inches of snow full of pine needles on bikeway. Another year we did complete loop in better weather.

    Been blogging since I published Bike&Chain in 2008 to cover perspective raised therein.


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