LBJ Library, Austin TX

My 30 days of biking commitment is continuing in Austin TX. Austin is a very bike friendly city in spite of what happened to Brandon.  His hit and run incident was close to midnight. He is recuperating nicely but still has his attitude.

The real Brandon
The real Brandon

We have been doing lots of shopping for food and cleaning supplies. Yesterday was spent mostly cleaning the kitchen and living room.  We had to borrow a vacuum from his neighbor and I spent a lot of time cleaning the brushes of a quarter inch of hair wrapped around the spindle.  Today was a deep cleaning of the bathroom.  Brandon told me that he hasn’t been cleaning because he is moving out in six weeks.  Really?

Today was a 15 mile spin around Austin city streets.  I rode to the University of Texas and the LBJ library.  Tomorrow I’ll be riding to the Austin City Limits venue and the Botanical Gardens.  Because of the incident. Brandon tires easily and I take off around noon time while he relaxes.  In the past we would do these rides together and that’s what we both miss doing this time around.

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