Erie Canal Bike Day 4. Seneca Falls to Canastota, NY

Brandon races bikes and has a personal trainer and nutritionist working with him, figured out that I was not eating properly.   He had me buying a protein drink twice a day and that fixed everything.  Once I began doing that I could ride for hours on end.  Not fast, mind you, but my endurance returned.

We were following the PTNY bike tour arrows and itinerary for this ride.  They made today a short 39 mile ride to Syracuse, NY.  Followed by a 63 mile ride to Rome the next day.  We wanted to do more miles and set our goal to Canasota, and additional 40 miles. What we didn’t realize that Syracuse was hills, hills and more hills,  I had probably the worse day riding in my life.  Actually, every day was pretty bad.  I was running out of energy by mid afternoon.  The final 20 miles was brutal.

Today we met others on tour.  Tim was riding around Lake Ontario.  His goal was to circumnavigate all five Great Lakes.  Later on we met a trio of woman, a mother and two  daughters riding from Ithaca to Buffalo.


We had dinner at a local pub and got the best chicken wings evah.  Mike the bartender was a riot and was a spitting image of Steve Wilcos.  I told him these were much better than any wings we had in Buffalo.  Buffalo wings were once the best, but over time, others have perfected the recipe. BTW these were garlic parmigiana.


The Driveway Series Thursday Night Bike Races

Getting Pumped for the race

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Today is the last day in Austin and I will do my Day 15 of 30 days of riding. with a short ride to Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, to return the rental.

Last night was supposed to be a seven mile ride to the race venue. I go lost. Who would ever thing that could happen? I stumbled upon Jack who was also riding to the venue and as we rode we chatted about all the people in Austin who get hit by cars. I always thought this was a very bike friendly city but like any big city, drivers get stressed and are often in a hurry. Those two things can be dangerous when driving.


There was a beer tent on the grounds, I ordered a beer and asked how much. “Five dollars” and she stamped my hand. The five dollars was a single charge with unlimited refills. I got a ride home.


Brandon’s CAT 3 racing team had a breakaway going for a while but maintaining a an average speed of 28 MPH for 35 minutes kinde of limits how long a rider can stay in front. They ended up in the in the middle of the pack but the beer tent served up plenty of condolences and made them feel better. Made me feel good too.

SPF 50 and The Driveway Series Race

Thirteen mile ride around Austin’s Harbor Walk.
It’s day 14 of my 30 days of biking commitment and it’s the first day the sun has shone. I put on some SPF 50 lotion before my 13 mile ride around the Austin Lake.  The ride began at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop and concluded at the Food Truck Park. This is a sweet ride not only around the lake but it also takes the rider through a couple of eclectic neighborhoods.  In the business district a came across a guy watching turtles sunning on rocks.  Figuring he needed a little excitement in his day, I struck up a conversation.  He is from Manchester, NH, fifty miles north of Boston. I told him that I lived  fifty miles south of Boston.  Back home we may as well live on another planet because of the distance from each other.  In Austin, we considered ourselves neighbors.  He works for Southwest air and was on a layover. Naturally the talk turned to air disasters and unruly passengers.  Bike riding made it’s way into our conversation naturally.

Riding Town Lake Trail In Austin


Brandon won’t be able to ride his bike for quite a while but otherwise he can get around. I took a second ride today, a 13 mile loop around Town Lake. It’s a very groovy ride and naturally I got lost at the far end. Fortunately I happened across good Samaritans who got me back on track.  I started riding after “playtime began”.  (Playtime for working people is 5-10 PM), so there were lots of people on the trail.

Part of the trail is built on the water with flagstone surface that is easy riding.  Most of the trail is packed something or other and the heavy rains last night made sections of it very slow going. It was a really fun ride and I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking because I’m being hounded to go out do dinner.  On the cheap.  Olive Garden.



Day 12 of 30 Days of Biking

Do not enter. Except Bikes

We met a Cape Cod friend for lunch in Downtown Austin. Dan was going to rent a bike and ride with me but the severe thunder storm squashed that.  Brandon and I went to retrieve his bike from the police evidence warehouse and there was no damage.  He has no idea what happened but the general feeling is that he got bumped from the side and not really hit.

By 5 PM, the weather had cleared enough for me to get a ride in and fulfill my 30 days of biking commitment. Lady Bird Johnson lake has a dog park with a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  The lake was alive with rowing tryouts and I hear that if you don’t make the team it’s called a “crew cut.”  I kind of just road around aimlessly.  Soccer games, runners, dog walkers and a huge animal rescue no kill shelter were my companions on this ride.

It was bike rush hour on my return ride back to Brandon’s place and I decided to follow the commuters who looked like they were taking an alternate, less busy route that looked like the right direction. It’s wasn’t but it also wasn’t that far off. I happened to come upon a great little food truck lot and naturally stopped for dinner.  I intended to eat only half of my huge falafel wrap and bring the rest to Brandon, but it’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out how much of it I saved. If per chance you are not a genius the answer is none. Anyhow, it ended up being a pretty good day of riding a bike.


LBJ Library, Austin TX

My 30 days of biking commitment is continuing in Austin TX. Austin is a very bike friendly city in spite of what happened to Brandon.  His hit and run incident was close to midnight. He is recuperating nicely but still has his attitude.

The real Brandon
The real Brandon

We have been doing lots of shopping for food and cleaning supplies. Yesterday was spent mostly cleaning the kitchen and living room.  We had to borrow a vacuum from his neighbor and I spent a lot of time cleaning the brushes of a quarter inch of hair wrapped around the spindle.  Today was a deep cleaning of the bathroom.  Brandon told me that he hasn’t been cleaning because he is moving out in six weeks.  Really?

Today was a 15 mile spin around Austin city streets.  I rode to the University of Texas and the LBJ library.  Tomorrow I’ll be riding to the Austin City Limits venue and the Botanical Gardens.  Because of the incident. Brandon tires easily and I take off around noon time while he relaxes.  In the past we would do these rides together and that’s what we both miss doing this time around.