Day 23. I Am The Egg Man

Narrow brodge

If I didn’t commit to 30 days of riding I very well may have ditched today’s ride. For a plethora of reasons, I didn’t leave the house till after 4 PM. The first few miles were a struggle to say the least. I could have turned around anytime and still have fulfilled my 30 days, but…… I have an event next weekend and don’t want to go to NYC wishing I had put more miles in preparation. 

Today was a training ride in that I rode moderately hard for the whole 25 miles.  It’s my best average speed of the season 14 MPH which is good enough for someone my age and shape.  Speaking of shape.  When I saw my shadow while riding with a low sun in the western sky, I looked like a walrus on a bike.  It’s disgusting with all the riding, walking and yoga I do to be in this shape.  I’m beginning to think I eat too much. I may not be a walrus but I am the egg man.  Coo Coo Cachoo.

4 thoughts on “Day 23. I Am The Egg Man

  1. You are doing alright – better than alright: don’t be so hard on yourself. Bestow some yoga-like compassion if that’s what’s needed. Nice post, made me smile. 🙂 Norman


    1. Thanks for that Norman. I was just be a bit self depreciation. Actually the weight is melting off pretty quick. I have been riding my bike almost daily since 2005 and have already lost four pounds. 8>)


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