The Gypsy Kings and Kudos From A Stranger

I was late and snuck a photo of some of the yoga class.

Day 24 of 30 days of biking complete.

Sunday yoga.  A direct ride is around 4 miles.  I decided to take the long way which is a 15 mile ride through four towns.  The wind was my nemesis and I had thoughts of not making it to class.  I had to push myself but in the end I was only a couple of minutes late.


The route in the city (New Bedford, MA) was a completely new riding experience for me. I had to make a right turn and climb a hill to get to class.  I had choices of which street to climb. Every time I looked up, I rode on. I ran out of options and had to climb this last chance street to get to the top of the city.  It was so tough that I gasped up the hill.  There was a car backing out of a driveway but I didn’t stop for him, I just went around.  He passed me and took a left at the top and stopped.  I came upon him and rode around on the drivers side.  He had stopped to let another car back out of a driveway and do a three point turn.  I heard him slow as he began to pass and was expecting a tongue lashing.  I looked and saw his passenger window roll down.  Here it comes I though.  “Your the man” he said.  “Your the only biker I have seen ride up that hill. Even the kids get off and walk their bikes.”  I wanted to respond but I had no breath in me to say anything.  I just gave him a thumbs up and put my hand on my heart and took a deep breath.  I’m da man. Nice

Tonight is date night and wifey and I have tickets at the Z to the Gypsy Kings concert.  Another nice.

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