Early Morning Ride


Because of the heat, it makes sense go get out early for a bike ride.  9:30 AM was not early enough here on the edge of Cape Cod. It was freak’n hot.  So hot that the ride had to cut off 10 miles from the planned route.  Actually it was the humidity and the fact that I had not recovered from Tennis on Tuesday night.

After riding today I flipped my stem to the factory setting.  I have retired from racing and there is no need for the racing posture on my carbon bike.  The stem is now set to AARP and I like it.  Actually the “slammed stem” was doing a job on my shoulders and elbows which was reeking havoc on my tennis game.

We have a 50+ mile ride in the works tomorrow, Friday, but it looks like it’s going to be a wash out.  Unless of course those who want to ride are willing to finish by 5 AM. I’m banking on no one wants to do that.

In past posts I mentioned Clydesdale horses on one of my routes.  I ran into the owner and the horses today and was told they are Belgians, which are much bigger than Clydesdale, who are taller, but in general a much smaller horse. They were in training for pulling competitions and they had their new pulling shoes on.

I also saw some sheep, a babbling brook and a comfort bike rider who was intent on not letting me catch up.  I eased up to let him win a stage. He will surely be wearing yellow tomorrow.

Belgian horses
New pulling shoes. 



He will surely be wearing a yellow t-shirt tomorrow. 

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