Night Riding with Amidnightrider.


Backed up traffic waiting for the bridge to open

It was the usual Friday night ride to Music on Pier 3 in New Bedford, MA.   Agian, no one showed for the ride so I went alone.  I packed two beers, (beeyahs) for this warm evening ride to the event.  Beer is sold there in a plastic cup for 4 bucks a pop. My preference for a beer is in a frosted glass, a bottle, a can or a beer bong. A plastic cup is last on the list and one way to avoid it is to bring my own.

The waterfront was bustling including the local shuttle boat that takes people to the different waterfront restaurants and events.  $3 per person and it’s a very popular shuttle. The boat from Cuttyhunk arrived in time for the concert and one of the local Monks was wandering around taking in the sights and sounds.

I stopped at a coffee shop on the way home and by the time I left it was very dark.  Made more so by the cloud cover.  The MUP (multi use path) was very busy at 9 PM.  Bikes, walkers, skateboarder and a runner.  It was such a nice night to be out and many took advantage.

The band was playing Sympathy for the Devil. Very ironic
Waterfront shuttle.
Cuttyhunk ferry
Calm waters
Part of the New Bedford fishing fleet


Charlie Buckley, a local riding celebrity.


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