Riding With Bicycle Times

Kate and Fabio held their wedding reception in the Italian Alp last August. Some of those in attendance will be gathering in Fairhaven this week for a reunion of sorts.

Bicycle Times and Dirt Rag magazine’s Frank, is one of them. We are going to give him and his lady a tour of the area by bike. They are from Pittsburgh and are doing the grand tour of New England.   He wants to get the feel of coastal New England and he will be doing an Air B&B stay on a 28 ft. sailboat moored in the bay, on Sunday night.  Before that the Italian Chef, Fabio and his wife, Chef Kate will be cooking us all an Italian pasta dish using fresh scallops and littlenecks.  They recently arrived after sailing their 28 Columbia from Brunswick GA.

As an added bonus, my buddy Larry who is a commercial diver will be delivering quahogs that he will dig up in the morning.

If time permits we will take a ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday to ride to Chappaquiddick and cruise around Vineyard Haven, Tisbury and Edgartown.

Being a native of the area I get to take friend on a bike ride to the “Secret Places.”  That’s a title I give when a local takes friends off the tourist path to the places we don’t share publicly.

Plenty of photos and stories to come.

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