Shakedown Ride and Science Project


Nick taking notes and measurements of the marine life at Shaws Cove in Fairhaven.

We were scheduled to ride to P-Town on Friday.   We heard about the Carnival and the Parade that takes place on Thursday.  All accounts say that it’s a really great time.  If we can find accommodations, Nick and I will leave very early Thursday morning for the 100 mile ride to Provincetown, MA.  Nick is looking forward to the miles, me, not so much.

Carnival in P-Town

One of the requirements for the early departure was that Nick had to finish his science project. Coincidentally, I offered to drive a marine biologist, Kate,  to the bus station for her trip to NYC.  Nick rode along and got some really good advice from her.  We spend the next few hours visiting ocean, stream and river shores where Nick took his measurements, and did the other research criteria needed to complete his project.

Nick’s parents will be driving to the Cape on Friday and I will move on and spend a few days touring Cape Cod.  I have a feeling I’ll be camping in some unusual places.  I would rather not sleep outside on the ground but the prices of the motels are ridiculously astronomical.  Anywhere from $350-$700 per night.  Sheesh.

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