Cape Cod Bike Tour Day One

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“Two things get stolen in P-Town.  Boy friends and bikes.”

Crossing the Bourne Bridge

Fairhaven to Provincetown, MA

Distance 102 miles
Time 11:50
Riding Time 7:46

For some god forsaken reason, we decided to ride from Fairhaven to Provincetown, MA in one day. Actually, Nick’s parents wouldn’t let him do the ride alone.   I wanted to do a tour of the Cape, and this worked out great for both of us. Except for the hundred mile part. The first 50 miles was pretty nice.  The next 25 was hot and a bit difficult.  The last 25 miles sucked. It was hilly and a good part was on busy US Rt. 6. The plan was to get to P-Town by 3 PM for the Carnival Parade.  We only missed it by three and a half hours.

Back tracking a bit.  We didn’t know if we were going ride today because we had no place to stay.  I had made some calls to a couple off hostels but got no response. We decided to ride to the Bourne Bridge and if we got no response by then we would turn back and ride tomorrow. Fortunately we heard from Sarah and got a $45 a bed, right in the heart of the city.

Our humble abode for the night.

We had heard about George’s pizza and sub shop who made the best sandwiches in P-Town.  Our adorable waitress,  Simpka from Lithuania,  told us that the grill was closed, at 8 PM.  All that was available was pizza.  Neither of us had the energy to try to find another place so we settled for a mediocre cheese pizza.

It was the first experience in a hostel for both of us.  The company was really good.  The accommodations were adequate. I’m staying in a trailer camper tonight and tomorrow I’ll continue riding around Cape Cod for the next two or three days.

Click Here for all the photos on Flickr

Day 2  Provincetown to Truro

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