I May Pahk My Cahhh in Haahvad Yahd Thursday Night.



Bands of rain showers are predicted for the next couple of days. Thinking the day would be a wash, the though of going for a bike ride never occurred. That is, till the sun shone into my living room, around 4 PM.  That was enough to get me off the couch, change into riding gear, and hitting the road.

There is a standard route that is just under 30 miles that made the cut for today’s ride. Along the way the sun gave way to clouds, cars turned on their headlights and at the turn around point, the farthest from home, cars turned on their wipers.  And you know why I’m sure.  I was expecting to get a soaking, but as I made my way south, the rain began to subside.  It turned out to be one of those spot showers. It’s crazy how that works.  This morning I was at a stop light looking across the intersections and it was pouring rain.  There was nothing falling on my car.  Looking at the road, I could see the path of the oncoming downpour.  I watched mesmerized until the downpour got to me, and my visibility went down to a few yards.

I was  really expecting the same phenomena to happen to me.  However I was riding north to south and the rain was moving east to west.  Soon enough I was back in the sunshine and humidity.  The short shower I rode into was refreshing and a little more wouldn’t have bothered me a bit.

More rain is expected for Wednesday and Thursday.  A ride could happen one or both days.  Nice if it does. No problem if it doesn’t. Thursday night the Revolution play the Red Bulls in the US Open Cup at Harvard University in  Boston.  I may make the trek for the match.

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