Timing The Daily Rides

Three days of storms are rolling through the area and one has to keep a diligent eye on the radar to get a decent ride in.  Today’s forecast predicted the storms would roll through around noon.  Things could change, not the storm mind you, but the timing. Today we decided to get an early start and be done long before the early storm prediction.

I met a couple of riders making their loop from Lakeville, MA and another from Mattapoisett.  We were all riding 30ish miles and we met up on the road not unlike the Texas Rangers of the old Western TV show. We just kind of joined up, rode together till the routes took us on our separate ways.

Lakeville duo training for the Pan MA Challenge
Dan joined us near the midpoint of the ride.

I have to note that this area is a mecca for bike riders who make their way from quite a few towns and cities to ride the quiet country roads.  It’s also very bike friendly as you can see when the dump truck passed us with his driver side wheels straddling the center line.  Because there are so many bikes on the road, the drivers are accustomed to sharing the road.  It took some time, but everyone respects each other, weather you driving, biking, running or moving your tractor.

This guy gave us plenty of room.
Fishing for lunch on Snipatuit Pond
Jonathan Sprouts farm in Rochester

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