Newport, Rhode Island

It was raining at daybreak but the forecast was for clearing by sunrise.  We stuck with our plans to drive to Newport, R.I. for a ride around the beaches and the mansions.  We also did a quick jaunt through Fort Adams, best known for being the sight of the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals.

We left the car at Bike Newport which is on Facebook HERE.  Bari the big cheese, directed us to free parking which is very much at a premium in Newport in the summer.  It’s good to have “people”. It felt like Jason and I did more stopping than riding.  So often one of us said, “stop here, I want to get a photo”,  or in my case, video.  In Newport, on a bike, you kind of have to force yourself to keep riding and forgo some pictures, or at the very least, try to take them on the fly.

Newport is definitely a destination for both the casual and serious bike rider.  The area is bike friendly enough for both styles to ride the same routes and on the same roads.  Just listen for “on yer left” and you will be fine.

Newport with Jason from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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