The Last Road Ride

Today was my last ride on my Felt road bike.  Sunday Sue and I begin our two month road trip. Coincidently we have a friend moving back to this area from out of state who was looking for a place while they house shop.  Things worked out great for both of us.  We are leaving on Sunday morning and they are expected “sometime” Sunday.

Today was also my last session of PT for my tennis injury.  I pulled a muscle in the back of my head hitting an overhead volley.   I never knew this existed until I hurt it. It hurts back 10 times as bad.

We will be spending the next two days getting the RV ready.  By ready I means converting our vehicle into a tiny house and all the stuff that makes it a house. Clothes, pots and pans, pot, non perishable food etc.  You know what’s needed. Both of our utility bikes are tuned up and ready.  The RV is small enough, 23 feet, that we don’t need to bring along a car.  It’s about the size of the bus you would see at the senior center. 98-IMG_0782

Our two dogs, Lucy and Owen will be with us, but midnight the cat will be staying with a friend.  We will be in touch from the road.  First stop.  Pittsburgh.

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