Saved By Mobil Bike Repair


One of the last items of my prep list for our road trip was to make sure Sue’s bike was in good shape.  I thought a cleaning and lube would be enough.  I was mistaken.  There  were a couple of issues that were beyond my skills.  It was much to late to bring it to a bike shop so I did the next best thing.   Have the bike shop come to me. I had worked with Mike during a couple of local events, knew of his business, but when it was time for bike repair I defaulted to the LBS.

Yesterday I was in a pinch to get the bike fixed.  I went online to, chose a 3 PM appointment and at 3 PM, Mike was in front of my house. The work was good, the price was fair $69 for a basic overhaul/tuneup.  My regular bike shop is $75. Close enough to call it a wash price wise.  As for service?  Who could not love a house call.

The rest of the packing for a two month road trip is crazy.  Like packing for a long distance bike tour, it’s chose stuff, think about it. Take some stuff out of the pile, put stuff in the pile.  I’m thinking I’ll be making changes till the minute we depart.


One thought on “Saved By Mobil Bike Repair

  1. Mobile bike repair does seem like a great convenience. There’s a bike repair van that hangs out near the Rose Bowl where lot’s of people bike a three mile road loop. Pretty smart.


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