First Substance Ride Of The Year


IMG_2250Bitter cold and icy conditions kept me off the bike a few days this winter. Other than those eight or ten days, I have been able to do short rides, all under ten miles.  Yesterday, Sunday was showed promise of a decent length ride on the East Bay Bike Path (EBBP), in Rhode Island.  The start however showed signs of a potential failure.  Ice, lots of ice at around the half mile mark.  We had to walk around it and once we did, the 14 mile remainder only had a few patches of questionable traction.

We got 27 miles in at a decent clip considering the conditions.  That is, when we spotted standing water on the blacktop, it was difficult to see if it was icy till we rode over it. A few times I unclipped just in case.

On the down side, or up side if you happened to be my riding partner. My camera battery died during the first video.  I had to buy a replacement battery when the original no longer held a charge and apparently I put the old one back in.  So, I have to settle by using a couple of photos I shot with my phone.  Oh the humanity.


2 thoughts on “First Substance Ride Of The Year

  1. I was out in 7°C temps in the sunshine after the school run today. After the last week in my part of the UK it felt positively balmy. No ice to be seen and for the first time in ages, the sweat was properly dripping into my eyes


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