I’m Definitely Riding Tomorrow….Wait, What?


I was relegated to the fitness center bike again.  I do admit that riding a stationary bike with a bank of TV’s in front of you is kind of easy.  I’m impressed with my speed also, averaging in the high teens.  On the plus side, the weather is forcing me into cross training with my two dogs.  We go out for 90 minutes or more in an area called the “Bogs”, where we meet lots of other dogs and their companions.

The Bogs in the snow AP (35)
The Bogs of Mattapoisett MA

I do spread seed in both my front and back yard every day and am visited by the locals. If I’m late with the food, the blue jay’s let me know with their screeches.  Other birds fly by my bay window back and forth letting me know it’s time to eat.  It’s pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “I’m Definitely Riding Tomorrow….Wait, What?

  1. We have a couple days here in the 40s. I rode a short 8 1/2 miles today on our local trail, but fought a 20 mph wind. Tomorrow is to be the same temp but no wind. Yep! Riding!?


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