Full Hunter Moon Bike Ride


Four of us began the ride in Warren RI.  Actually I began in Providence an hour earlier and rode with the wind at my back to Warren.  A little after the sun had set we went wheels up, around 6:15.  The wind was in our face for most of the 10 mile ride to Providence.

After spending a short time on the India Point Bridge, we began the ride in the 45 degree, brisk, cool night under a spectacular clear sky and a full moon.


I broke off the pack in East Providence where I had begun, while the others continued the ten mile ride back to Warren.  I’m pretty sure that I was home enjoying a hot soup about the time the others finished riding.

Riding the ten miles to the start of the ride an hour early has been my preference the last few full moons.  It’s my meditation time, and I enjoy riding in the pack after that hour of meditation much  more.

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