Erie Canal Bike Day 2. Albion to Egypt, NY


Hot hot hot. Also very humid.   It was a slog to say the least. We filled our water bottles more times than I can count.   Actually it was 5  times.  I read Willy Wier in his book, “Traveling with Willy”.  In the book he tells about how he was treated so much better when he was on his loaded bike as opposed to without it.  We are treated as adventurers or travelers, as opposed to tourists.  People go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Brandon and I have found this to be true on all of our bike tours.  Today was just another example.

We stopped in the Bicycle Outfitters shop in Brockport, NY on the canal. The owner, Russell checked out Brandon’s derailleur and said it was bent.  He did not want to try to straighten it out without having a replacement in the shop.  He sent us to a shop on our route that probably would have a spare.  In Rochester, we happened upon a REI store. The wrenches were wonderful once they realized we were on tour.  They were able to straighten his derailleur in a few short minutes for nine bucks.

We did 50 miles and spent the night in Egypt NY at a funky Budget Inn. The Uzrati couple were very friendly and especially so when I started to converse in their native language.

We reenacted a photo of Brandon that I took in 2012.



Our goal today is to get as many miles in before the predicted storms his.  We want to make it to Palmyra, which will keep us on schedule to finish in five more days.  We’ll see.

Erie Canal Day 2 Albian to Egypt NY from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

One thought on “Erie Canal Bike Day 2. Albion to Egypt, NY

  1. did that ride on the hottest week of the year, a couple of years ago. the problem, i decided, was that there’s no hills, where you can coast and catch a breeze to cool off your perspiring body. you have to pedal the whole damn way. good luck – it’s worth it.


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