Erie Canal Bike Day 3. Egypt to Seneca Falls, NY


Brandon continued to have problems with punctures on his rear wheel. It’s a tubeless self sealing type and we worry that the sealant will run it’s course.  His gearing was also acting up with the chain shifting on it’s own.

We stopped in the local bike shop in Fairport NY and the owner stopped everything to help us out.  We find on every tour we have done that bike shops put touring cyclist first priority.  We bought some sealant refill and the owner also checked out the derailleur and found it bent. He didn’t want to try and bend it back into shape because if it broke, he had no replacement.  He did recommend a bike shop a few miles down the road.

When we got to Rochester, NY, the gravel path ended and we had a few miles on a paved MUP through the city.  When Brandon needs to stop for whatever reason, I usually continue riding.  I rounded a bend and lo and behold, came upon a brand new REI store that looked a lot like OZ.  It felt like the land of OZ also when the two wrenches stopped working on other bikes and fixed Brandon’s for a mere $9.00

REI Rochester,NY

Brandon Says

After a much needed Dunkin Donuts coffee, we hit the canal at about 10am. Got into my favorite town on this whole trip, Brockport! its about 20 miles east of Albion. We had lunch and got directions to a bike shop that could help me with my tubeless wheel and my derailleur hanger. Come to find out, right after Rochester, there’s a brand new REI with on the canal. Was able to get everything taken care of there. Hopped off the Canal way and onto Bike Route 5 for the last 10 miles in order to cut the ride to the hotel short a few miles. Its been a long day!

Erie Canal Day 4. Egypt to Seneca Falls from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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