Hey Bike Tourer

Dutch bike touring couple 001

That’s what I yelled when a fully loaded, or better still overloaded bike passed by as I exited the gym.  He was already past me and simply raised his hand as a greeting.  Just then another passed within three feet of me.
“Are you on tour?” I yelled.  The second biker gave me that look, raised her hand and it was obvious she was saying,  “What does it look like.

Every summer, I come across fully loaded bike touring people either going to Cape Cod and the Islands, or to Boston.  Southeastern Massachusetts is considered the most bike friendly thoroughfare getting to those places with quiet country roads and plenty of places to camp, hotel or B&B.

I caught up to Marga and Sebastian on the very unfriendly to bikes, rt 6 in Fairhaven, Ma.  I pulled along the Marga and said, “there is a bike path very close to here that parallels this busy road.  Follow me.”   They did, and I took them into the parking lot of the local Stop and Shop.

The first thing I said to the woman was that was a rhetorical question.  She smiled and said , “ya ya.”  I recognized the Dutch accent and replied in Dutch, “gazelic”.  (very cool). We talked for a good twenty minutes about their tour and of course, soccer.  They were surprised that a Yank was so knowledgeable about world football.  It’s the only sport I care to follow,, also the only organized sport I played for 40+ years.   They asked about American football and my response was that it was so slow, it’s what ambian watches to fall asleep.

Dutch bike touring couple 002

“How long have you been on the road.” I asked.  Sebastian replied “around four months. We have around four or five months more.”

They began in California, rode the Southern Tier to Florida and picked up the Atlantic Coast route.  All using the Adventure Cycling Maps.  They will cross into Canada somewhere in Maine, and ride back to the Pacific.  From there they will travel to Australia and ride there for a couple of months.

I mentioned that Brandon and I were planning a bike tour somewhere in Europe next fall.  The Netherlands is on our short list.  With that we exchanged phone number, e-mails, and touring sites we use.

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