Providence Bike Jam Ride Friday July 26

Critical Mass Bike in Providence

This is one of my favorites. It’s a very casual ride through the neighborhoods of Providence, RI.  As usual, I’ll be starting and finishing at Ft. Hill in East Providence at 6:30PM. (Set GPS to 1 Mercer St. East Providence, RI).  It’s a bit under three miles from Burnside Park where the ride begins.

Hey there! Come join us for a social, casual-paced, group ride around beautiful Providence, RI! Rides are typically @ 10 miles with a snack/beverage break, or two!, in between.

-Meet at 6:30, leave at 7
-Route info coming soon!

P.s. you may have noticed our name is now Providence Bike Jam! We’ve been wanting to change it up for a while now, to something a little more positive and a lot more inclusive of the fun we’re really after here. All we want is to make new friends who like to ride bikes, in this fair city, while playing music. We have some new blood join the volunteer team recently, and we thought the time was now to make this transition.

Let us know if you want to volunteer: make routes for our rides, have theme ideas, make bike and PBJ related art, or something else completely that you think will help our efforts. We welcome all voices and ideas to the table, and we really can’t wait to ride with you soon. Youth, women, POC, and Spanish speakers to the front!

Critical mass in Providence 001


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