Making the Best of Being Late

I set out to take some photos of the sailing regatta in the city.  I took my time getting to Fort Taber at the end of the peninsula.  When I arrived, I saw no evidence of the hundreds of boats that were supposed to be competing over the weekend.  I asked the parking attendant and she directed me to the far end of the park behind the old fort.

I did locate my quest but they were all at least a quarter mile away in the middle of the bay. 02-IMG_1105

With all that, I decided to just ride around and see what tickles my fancy. There is one picture with a great photo bomb. Check our the upper left quadrant.


A couple of seagulls in flight was a treat to capture. You have to be pretty lucky to get these fast flying birds up close.

The rest are simply things that got my attention.

Tonight, the New England Revolution are at home trying for a team record of 12 game consecutively without a loss since making a coaching and GM change.  I am hoping for the best, but believe LAFC is just too strong. Winning works wonders for attendance and the crowd tonight should exceed 30K.  For me, winning or losing is not an issue.  I enjoy soccer so much  that it’s the only sport I follow.  In the summer it’s MLS. The rest of the year it’s Europe.  England, Germany, Spain, France are my favorites.

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