Urban Riding

If given a choice between riding in New York City or some country rural roads in the Midwest, I’ll take the city most times.  Country roads have their place, but there is nothing that compares to urban riding.

After last nights Portuguese dinner, I knew I had to put in a good ride aerobic today.  That screamed riding in the city for two or three hours.  I did have to get an early start to be back in time to see Christian Pulisic’s debut for Chelsea in the English Premier League.


The north end of New Bedford, to South Dartmouth, to the peninsula of the city and back into Fairhaven, MA made this route a keeper for future rides.  I felt really got but was forced to alter the planned route to get home in time for the game.

Naturally, I brought along my camera and took, what I think, are some unique photos of city riding.


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