That Reminds Me Of A Joke

Way back when, I used to love telling jokes.  After not telling one for months or even years, someone in my circle would rattle off a joke.  I seldom laughed. People who are into comedy usually just say, “that’s funny”.  But their joke would always remind me of one of my favorites.  Why am I bringing this up you ask?All an adventure tent

The photo was in Dan’s blog,  “It’s All An Adventure” and it reminded me of why I don’t tent any more.

A few years ago, I rode my one and only century to Provincetown, MA, on the outer tip of Cape Cod.  When I got to the Hostel where we stayed, I had someone take a photo of me drinking a beer with the caption. “Pay attention. You will never see me do this again.” I took camping gear along for the two day return ride back home.

I checked into a campground half way back and set up my tent.  That’s when I noticed all the kids and families were taking a detour to the pond so they wouldn’t have to go past my camp site. Fathers with young children kept  constant surveillance of my movements.  I’m thinking they misinterpreted my intentions.  I also didn’t bring my air pad and spend the night being stabbed by rocks every time I rolled over.  I was up and packed at the break of dawn and on the road before there was any other movement in the campground.

I have done a couple of bike tours since, but don’t bring any camping equipment along any more.  Cheap motels and motor inns work out much better for me.

Also, I guess I have to leave you with a joke.

Little Billy was on his phone playing a game when he heard a scream come from his mothers room.  He ran up the stairs and barged into the room to find his mother in bed wearing a French Maid outfit and his father kneeling over her wearing a bonnet and bunny slippers.

Billy let out a gasp and his dad turned and said, “Get out of here, your mother and I are having some fun.”

The next day, Dad heard a ruckus, a loud ruckus coming from Billy’s room.  When dad opened the door, Billy was in bed with his grandmother. 

“What the hell” said dad.

Billy responded, “not so funny when it’s your mother is it?”

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