Murals and Flowers and Birds

The last couple of days were spent working on photography techniques. An appointment with the oral surgeon took me by bike, to downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts. While awaiting my call, I grabbed my camera to try a couple of things on a building a couple of blocks away.  I was working at getting away from the Auto function to “Program” in order to mess around with the light settings.  Each gave a different look to the subject.

As I rode away, I spotted a mural near the home of Fredrick Douglas and that gave me the idea of the murals theme.  I began riding around the downtown area and found an area that is obviously and artist hot spot.

Many of the mural sites also had the benefit of horticultural artistry.

I was done working and decided to end the ride with an easy spin around the peninsula. When I climbed up the elevated bike path on the bay, I came across a bird feeding frenzy. It was such loud chaos that one had to stop and be mesmerized by the activity.  Hundreds of sea birds attacking the bay like children swarming to a smashed pinata.  It lasted but a few minutes, the fish moved on and the birds settled in for an after dinner relaxation session, sitting on rocks or floating on the calm bay like nothing happened.  After all the fish were gone, a lone man on a small skiff made his way to the battlefield, dropped his line and waited like he was watching a football game. Nothing happened.

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