It’s Not September 10. It’s Thursday Night. October 1

This is a rescheduled ride due to bad weather.

OCT 1, 2020

Operation Konami Code: 1980’s #NBPUBPEDAL

Public · Hosted by New Bedford Starchasers

Meet: 6:00pm / Launch: 6:30pm
Launchpad: Buttonwood Park Community Center
Distance: 10-light years
Theme: 1980s Video Games

Dress in your favorite 80s costume or gaming outfit and get on your bike, skateboard, wheelchair, roller skates, kick scooter, or any other wheels that get you into the groove. We’re doing the time warp again on a bicycle pub crawl through the New Bedford Starsystem! 2020 is running low on pixels and it’s up to the Starchasers to travel back to the 1980’s for some video game-themed antics!

Beginning with a sling-shot maneuver around the Buttonwood Park Constellation, we will begin our descent into the time vortex. Our flight plan includes stops at 4 local space cantinas, including an extended shore leave at lunar base PLAY Arcade at the edge of the dNB Quadrant. This will be an approximately 8-light year mission, flying at the speed of funk.

This 21+ event is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive. All human-powered and assistive wheels are welcome.

Masks and physical distancing strongly encouraged.

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