Starchasers Pub Crawl

The idea was a casual ride to three or four pubs. Massachusetts is in phase two of reopening. Bars are not open, but places that serve food and have a liquor license can allow customers inside. We had a group of 20 riders and at the first stop, ten or twelve decided to have a sit down experience. I went into the restaurant to take photos and videos but quickly exited. The place was full and social distancing was not being observed. That some of our riders may get sick seems like a good bet.

The group was inside for about an hour which put a major crimp on the original route. Our ride leader decided to ride, in a round about way to gain some mileage, to the final location, an 80’s themed game room with an outside upper deck. We had the upper deck, with a bartender, dedicated to our group, and did we ever take advantage. Needless to say it was a wobbly five mile ride home. All on bike path fortunately. Well, mostly on bike path.

Darkness set in early which made it impossible to get quality footage during the ride. I did get some, not much, ergo the short video.

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