Living the Pandemic Life

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I continue to do my faux commutes daily. Ten miles in the morning and again in the evening. When evening turns to nighttime I’m happiest. You see, most of the group rides that I participate are at night. The full moon rides, the Starchasers and Providence Bike Jam (soon to be started again), are my regulars. Riding around town at night is very relaxing, and some nights all I hear is the sounds of nature. It’s amazing how many critters, large and small are active in the suburbs.

Because of the scarcity of bike events, much of my photography and videos lately are generic B-Roll shots. I had intended to do classic techniques such as, reveals, pans, wide to closeup and static shots, but alas, mother nature is offering up some much needed heavy rains over the next couple of days. After typing this, I just got some ideas of B-roll rain shots. It pays to think out loud.

Also, I filled out my ballot and tomorrow I will deposit it in the town drop box. I understand that all the absentee ballots and mail in ballots will have been counted by the time the polls close in Massachusetts. With all the chicanery going on, don’t we all wish every state did that?

2 thoughts on “Living the Pandemic Life

  1. Love the two-a-day rides, but I’m not a fan of riding after the sun sets, much more likely to ride as it’s rising (much easier during this pandemic!).
    And my ballot has been at the Troup Country (Georgia) Board of Elections for a month now, and like you, I understand it won’t be counted until after Nov 3 “Day of” votes are counted, but every day after Nov 3rd, Joe Biden’s lead should grow and I’ll be proud to just knowing that I may have helped Georgia move into the 21st Century!

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