Operation Hallowheels:

Saturday at 6:30 PM EDT – 9:30 PM EDT
43–57°F Rain

New Bedford Starchasers

Public · Hosted by New Bedford Starchasers and Midnite Romero Society

Zombies have breached the perimeter of the “Safe Zone”, wreaking undead havoc on the Intergalactic Posifunkitude! Welcome to New Deadford, the city that lights the future. It’s up to The New Bedford Starchasers to jump dimensions to a post-apocalyptic Earth and save humanity from the hoards of the living dead in “Operation Hallowheels: Ring the Bells – a New Deadford Story!”Hallowheels is our annual Halloween costume party on wheels!

Join us for an evening of games, music, and spooky hijinks! Then, stay for snacks and a not-so-scary movie (presented by the Midnite Romero Society) on the roof deck at Play Arcade!This is an 8-light year mission, flying at the speed of funk, is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive. Costumes and masks are required. All human-powered and assistive vehicles are welcome! See Less

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