Tour de Tacky Bike Ride

amidnightrider getting knighted as a Starchaser Pilot

The night was sultry.

The event was in conjunction with the local LGBTQ+ group, who were doing a toy collection for underprivileged children. The bike ride was organized by the New Bedford Starchasers. Riders began gathering for the 6 PM Navi Away, (wheels up), with the thermometer hovering in the mid to high 20’s F. The general consensus was that without any wind, 28 degrees wasn’t bad at all. Actually it was comfortable. Then the ride commenced at 7 PM.

The twenty five riders soon realized that we became the wind, and the 28 F suddenly had a wind chill effect. By 7:30 there were 12 or 13 still riding. There were 9 at the rides end at 7:45. Because of the icy conditions in some spots, we rerouted to stay within the park grounds. A few short minutes after abandoning the bikes, those who stopped riding were comfortable with the temperatures again. That’s when the festivities began.

Four Starchasers, including yours truly, were knighted as Pilots. Awards were presented, followed by pins, spoke cards and other gifts before we loaded all the toys into the waiting cars of the organizers.

Put on your head phones, turn up the volume, click the “Watch on YouTube at the bottom left, and go full screen for the full effect.

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