Stormy weather is upon us in New England. Bike riding is at a premium because of the ice and/or snow conditions. All that gives me time to transfer some of my videos from Vimeo to Youtube. The first one to get my attention is the 2017 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.

340 of us put our bikes on Trucks at South Station in Boston that transferred them to Southboro, Ma. We filled five double deck commuter rail trains with riders for the one hour ride to meet up with our bikes. There was also an additional 2530 others who made their own way to the start of the ride. Once in Southboro, we located truck E and retrieved our bikes to begin the two mile ride to the official start of the Marathon in Hopkinton. It began with the steepest hill that saw many many get off their bikes to walk. This is one of my top rated rides and like runners do for the Marathon, this is definitely a bucket list event.

BTW. The ride starts at midnight, hours before the start of the Boston Marathon.

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