Street Riders

I was getting bored in the house, looked out the front window to a clear, sunny sky. I stepped outside to feel the temperature. Not bad. Not bad at all. “Alexa…what’s the temperature?” In New Bedford it’s 35 and sunny, it responded. Time for a bike ride.

It was a pleasant surprised at the number of people on the MUP (multi use path). Bikes, walkers, joggers, adults and children, all having a great day outdoors.

While on my way to the beach area a group of young riders approached. At a road crossing, we had to wait for a car to pass. As I crossed the street one of the kids said, “you want to ride with us?” I accepted and asked if I could record while we were riding. They were all for it, and from the get go they were showing their skills.

I stayed with them for about 20 minutes before taking my leave and thanking them for the invite. This ride was fun.

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