That Reminds Me

Walking over the Bourne Bride

Reading one of my blog friend’s post got me a little nostalgic. bdggyjim in Michigan, wrote his take on imperial and metric centuries, and since there is not much to write about during these times (and this weather), I have been re-posting rides from the past. It seemed a good time to confess that I did a century. Once. Actually when we got to the end, I grabbed a beer and had someone take my picture. “Get a good one, cause you’ll never see me do this again”.

A young rider and his parents visit Provincetown, MA every year. Nick wanted to ride his bike to the destination. Nick approached me, and I agreed to ride the 100 miles to P-Town with him. For some god forsaken reason, Nick wanted to do a century, so we decided to ride from Fairhaven to Provincetown, MA in one day. Actually, Nick’s parents wouldn’t let him do the ride alone. I wanted to do a tour of the Cape, and this worked out great for both of us. Except for the hundred mile part. Nick rode his Cannondale sport bike. Me? A fully loaded Novara Randonee touring bike.

Last nights accommodations

The first 50 miles was pretty nice. The next 25 was hot and a bit difficult. The last 25 miles sucked. It was hilly and a good part was on busy US Rt. 6. The plan was to get to P-Town by 3 PM for the Carnival Parade. We only missed it by three and a half hours.

Day 1. Fairhaven to Provincetown 102 miles. Two things get stolen in P-Town. Boyfriends and bikes.

Day 2. Provincetown to Truro 14 miles Easy Peasey.

Day 3 Truro to Brewster 40 miles Google made a really bad route decision

Day 4. Brewster to Fairhaven 71 miles

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