Bringing In The New Year On A Bike

I really thought that, like the full moon ride, I would be riding alone today. That’s why I decided to take the electric assist bike. However, just in case, I set up the party bike. If there was anyone at Staples, the meeting spot, the ride would head east and pass very close to my home. There was, and we did. I did my best quick change from the Raza to the beater bike, turned on the music, and off we went.

The beater seemed unusually difficult to ride and one my companions didn’t care to ride with music. In deference to him I turned it off. Low and behold, I heard the distinct sound of by back tire rubbing on the break pad. I tried unsuccessfully to adjust the thing. Finally Dave chimed in, “you don’t need no stinkin’ rear break. I agreed and disconnected it. It was smooth sailing from there.

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