Two Wild And Crazy Guys From Carver, MA

My intention was to ride around town for an hour or so, just because. Near the center, I came across two guys struggling to put air into the tire one had just repaired. Well one was struggling, the other was making life miserable for him.

After our first introduction to each other, they told me that they has begun their ride at 6:30 AM from Carver, MA. which was a hike from Fairhaven. There were doing a century ride and were just under 50 miles into the ride. “We are riding into New Bedford and Fort Rodman”. I asked if I could join them and take some videos of the ride. They agreed and off we went.

My idea was to go off the usual route to the Fort and give a bit of a tour of the city. “Secret Places”, was the theme. That’s when your in a new place and someone you just met takes you off the beaten path to areas only the locals know. When we arrived along the waterfront, they called me John and we introduced ourselves for the second time.

Around the peninsula we went and eventually got back to Fairhaven where it all began. Nearing the end of the ride, I began video taping an epilogue and saying their names. “Not even close” Frank responded. Thos chuckled. It wasn’t long after that it was time for me to peel off and head home. We shopped and said our goodbyes and I wished, Jim and Mark safe travel after our third introduction.

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