A Bit Of A Challenge

This is the “Bit” mileage challenge for the year of 2021 on bikejournal.com

Here are the “Bit” parameters:

A “Bit” must be in 2021.
A “Bit” is your total mileage during your normal (24 hour) day.
A “Bit” is 12.5 miles but less than 25 miles.

It will require you post three bits of information: Date, Mileage, and Bit #. You can make comments as well. Comments that include a reference to a “bit” will be fun. Join anytime!

Bit # 3

Jan 5

13.57 miles.

2 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Challenge

  1. It’s all on bike journal dot com. They do some fun things to keep the group engaged. I don’t set mileage goals. My goal is whatever I ride for the day, year, decade etc. Many of Brandon’s riding friends got so immersed in their stats, they ended up hating their bikes. That started to happen to me when I was commuting to work every day, year round. I don’t ride in bad weather.


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