Austin Driveway Series Bike Racing+

Brandon, #3 son is captain of Tilt racing in Austin, TX. When I plan a visit, I always make it a point to go during the Driveway Series racing season. Often, I meet up with some of the pro racers at Mello Johnny’s bike and coffee shop downtown. After a cup and a chat, we ride to the race. It’s always a hoot to see how these guys and gals transform from fun happy go lucky bike riders to cutthroat, intense racing machines. Then on the ride back, stop at a local convenience store, buy a lot of beer and and become happy go lucky again.

One thought on “Austin Driveway Series Bike Racing+

  1. I’ve been a few times. Have to say since you can’t see the whole track it’s a bit boring. Especially if you don’t know anyone. I imagine it’s quite different when you do. Maybe being a slowpoke non racer has something to do with that though I like the Tour de France but skipped it last year, it’s a lot of time. Will he be riding this year?


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