Falmouth To Wood’s Hole MA.

The Shining Sea Bikeway a 10 mile rail to trail conversion on scenic Cape Cod. Because of the mild weather, I expected more traffic of bike and walkers that I encountered. I do have to say however, that every time I was about to cross paths with someone, we would both don our masks. It’s so nice to live in an area where everyone respects the science, and to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming very bright. We are going to be over this pandemic soon, as long as we keep doing the right things.

2 thoughts on “Falmouth To Wood’s Hole MA.

  1. Nice looking rail trail and yes, very scenic!! Looked like a FUN ride and totally agree, I WISH we had more “considerate” riders, runners, dog walkers, etc. on our local trails but my wife and I see fewer and fewer mask’s these days!! 😦 2nd. dose for the both of us next week, will be very happy to get that DONE! Take care, Ride Safe, have FUN! 🙂


  2. I’ve always suspected you might have a foul mouth,but I’d never suggest putting wood in a hole. (Went to the latter on a college field trip.) Anyway, nice riding as always.


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