Looking Back

The weather has been a beast the last few weeks. Snow, Ice, single digit wind chill and laziness all conspired to keep me off my bike. I did manage a few rides and a couple of hikes, but new content is difficult to find these days.

Today I was perusing some posts from my blogspot account. Some quotes and photos really show how things have changed.

This one from May of 2005 has a quote for the ages.

“I made it safely to the car, immediately took out my cell phone, extended the antenna, turning myself into a lighting rod, and called home.”


In 2006 #1 son treated me to a trip to the World Cup in Germany. We stayed in Amsterdam, rode bikes and met a friend who lived in the city.

Keith and I also drove from Amsterdam to Gelsenkirchin, Germany to watch to US/Czech, World Cup match.


This quote from Aug 2007 made me smile. I’m sure it happened but I have no recollection. ” I stopped at a golf course and watched a threesome approach the tee. I was on the road a little behind the green. It’s about a 100 yard shot from tee to green. It looked like young high school kids and when I saw one change clubs I figured he took one out that was long enough to reach me. Time to move on. I glanced back on the way out and saw him change clubs again.


Lastly. Bikes And Car Bombs In NYC

In 2010 I rode the NYC Five Boroughs Tour. I had done it a few times in prior years. We always spend the day before the ride as tourists. On this day while walking through Times Square, we saw this crowd of hundreds watching a car fire. Brandon and I joined the group and were no more than 25 yards from the burning car. Not a big deal till we got back to our hotel and turned on the TV. The car was filled with explosives, and the terrorist botched the ignition device.

If he was any good he would have taken out most of this group.


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