An Elusive Title. Or “Are Your Going To Eat That”

A catchy title was very elusive, so I used it.

Morning passed with the daily routine of making coffee, feeding the pups, reading the paper and ended with a two mile walk with Reba and Owen (the dog), not to be confused with Owen the boy. (Grandson). It wouldn’t take long for the mundane to be overtaken by the shakes of the head that lead to smiles, that inspired this post.

Two appointment were on the agenda. A trip to the auto dealer for a minor repair, followed by a chiropractor visit. Lets get to it.

The Auto Repair.

A part on back order was finally delivered to the dealer. $300 was paid in advance and the time had come to get this fixed. “Should be a little more than and hour. Are you going to wait?” Asked the service rep. I had my book, there was plenty of comfy places to sit and coffee was complimentary. Except that the industrial one cup brewer was not working. “See sales rep. Jam” scrolled across the screen. Not a big deal at all.

Then came the head shake. A middle aged over friendly woman tried to make a cup of coffee. After a few attempts at getting the door open to insert the pod, she turned and looked at a man who was watching her. “Is this still broken” she asked. “Yes” the man replied.

With a pretentious attitude the woman scowled, “when were you going to tell me?”

He said “sorry, I assumed your could read.” {{{{{SMILE}}}}}


Having more than an hour for the Dr. appointment, I stopped at the Boston Burrito. It was my fist time in the joint and the menu looked good. “Tres tacos con carne y agua por favor” “That will be $11.38, cash only” Oh oh! I only had a ten. I was about to downgrade my order when the owner said, “Don’t worry about it.” I responded, “But I don’t have cash for a tip.” “No problemo”, he said. {{{{{SMILE}}}}

There were a few patrons also waiting, most were young and I realized that this was a hot spot popular place. Then the {{{{HEAD SHAKE}}}} as shown by the photo. I was the only person in the building not texting or browsing.


I knew a quiet spot along the waterfront. A place with no other people around. A place where I could enjoy my tacos in solitude. Maybe, just maybe the title of this post is not very elusive.

P.S. The auto dealer ordered the wrong part. Also, it would probably take quite a while to get it. That was another head shake moment. Until, they gave me a free car wash and issued a 10% discount on the part, which brought a smile.

3 thoughts on “An Elusive Title. Or “Are Your Going To Eat That”

  1. We had the dog for four years before the boy was born. My daughter-in-law wanted us to change the dogs name. When we had to replace an older dog, I wanted to name her after our granddaughter. I was overruled.

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