Getting Fit

Harmony I’m a day late for the photography 101 posting so I decided to create Home and Harmony.  The crocus are in full bloom making a nice contrast to my house.

Crokies at my house
Even the crokies came out it was so nice.

Let me clear the air about winter riding.  When it was cold and there was snow and ice, I was determined to get out and ride. I bought studded tires, rode on them three times and praised their suitability for winter conditions.  I lied.  I don’t like winter riding on ice and snow.  I don’t dislike it either.  It’s just something I do.  After riding a few days in relatively nice weather I can honestly say that winter biking kind of sucks.   But I still do it.  Continue reading “Getting Fit”

My New Bike Surprised Me


The so’wester gale was a blow’n.  The original plan, hatched yesterday, was to get the road bike ready and begin training for bike events happening soon. I got stuck watching the Davis Cup and before I knew it. It was noontime.  I decided that today was not going to be the day for a long ride with sustained winds of 20-25 knots, so I settled on the new Scott bike, I got on my trip to Austin last year, for the short ride to the bank. Continue reading “My New Bike Surprised Me”

It’s Time To Get Serious


Every bicyclist wants a comfortable saddle. What is not so obvious is what constitutes a comfortable saddle.

Every spring, bike shops sell scads of saddles to cyclists who come in because their old saddle has become uncomfortable since they stopped cycling in the fall. They went out for a ride or two, and found it much less comfortable than they remembered from the previous year. They’ve heard about the latest buzzword in saddle gimmicks, and they want one of those!

They buy the new saddle, put it on the bike, go for a few more rides, and find they’re much more comfortable. They tell all their friends about their wonderful new saddle, and how they need one too…More on saddles from Sheldon Brown

Continue reading “It’s Time To Get Serious”

Super Tuesday In New Bedford, MA


The last time President Clinton was here was to help in the governors race in 1996.  With him was Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.  Bill made his return to Clinton Country today to stump for Hillary. We all waited almost two hours and it was well worth it.

2016 Super Tuesday in New Bedford from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Road Riding

Snipatuit Pond
Causeway separating Snipatuit Pond in Rochester, Ma.

I got the Felt road bike all spiffed up for the first road ride of the year.  Twenty five miles on the back roads of Southeastern Massachusetts. CLICK HERE to see the map.  The winter riding is pretty much easy spins around town.  The rest of the year sees those rides but also medium and high mile road rides.  These are put the camera away serious rides to build up strength and stamina for the events and bike tours that are on the schedule throughout the summer.
There were a few others out on this very popular bike area.  Some roadies, a couple of mothers with their child and what looked like the tail end of a club ride.  Twenty five miles at a moderate pace was a nice start to the season.


NYC Five Boroughs Team

5 boroughs start

We are now a team of seven riding the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on May 1st.  The registration closed at 32,000 riders, but if your registered and want to meet some new people on Saturday and take the option of riding with us on Sunday, you can still join our team.  Go to your “manage registration” page at ImAthlete and join team.  As a warm up to the tour, you may also want to join us on the Boston Midnight Marathon bike ride on Sunday April 16th. Continue reading “NYC Five Boroughs Team”