Night Ride To Yoga


It was a chilly and windy ride into the city for Yoga.  The yoga leader decided to do core work this evening.  It hurt soooo good.

Although the ride to the city was chilly, the ride home was very cool.  A full moon, clear sky and the wind at my back made the ride home a joy.  I tried taking a few shots of church steeples with the full moon and sky as a backdrop but I could not hold still enough to take a night shot.  I only got one. One of the others is the old Vocational school built with the design of a manufacturing mill.  They certainly had different ideas about education back then.

Vocational School



It’s Time To Get Serious


Every bicyclist wants a comfortable saddle. What is not so obvious is what constitutes a comfortable saddle.

Every spring, bike shops sell scads of saddles to cyclists who come in because their old saddle has become uncomfortable since they stopped cycling in the fall. They went out for a ride or two, and found it much less comfortable than they remembered from the previous year. They’ve heard about the latest buzzword in saddle gimmicks, and they want one of those!

They buy the new saddle, put it on the bike, go for a few more rides, and find they’re much more comfortable. They tell all their friends about their wonderful new saddle, and how they need one too…More on saddles from Sheldon Brown

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