Mattapoisett/Marion, MA Scenic Ride

Gang at Marion Wharf

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Nine of us gathered at Stop & Shop in Fairhaven, MA for our 30 mile ride to the coastal villages of Mattapoisett and Marion. Both are small towns with populations of under ten thousand. Both are tourist destinations for those who love Cape Cod but find “the Cape” much too hectic.  Falmouth is a fifteen minute boat ride from either town across Buzzards Bay. Mattapoinsett is where the well to do might summer and Marion is where the “very well to do” summer.  For example, when we pulled in to a Cumberland farms convenience store there was also  a group of five teens on bikes.  One sported a Portland Timbers shirt and I asked if he was a fan and had ever been to a game.  “Actually I live in Portland” was his response.  One of his friends lived in Minnesota and another was from the Chicago area.  All of them said they spend the summers in Marion sailing and playing soccer and lacrosse every day.

Back to the ride.  It was a short ride to the center of Mattapoisett and one section had us portaging our bikes of some nasty rocky sections of the soon to be bike path extension.  The extra work was well worth it when we came to the Mattapoisett River Bridge that was recently installed as part of the extension. The view was spectacular. 

Mattapoisett River

It was around 10 miles on the back roads to get to Marion Center.  The traffic was very light and those who were sharing the roads gave us plenty of clearance.


The wharf in Marion was abuzz with Portland and Midwesterners preparing for their three hour cruises on Buzzards Bay.


After visiting the Marion Art Center we set off on our 15 mile ride back to Fairhaven.  We threw in a quick lunch stop in Rochester, Ma  to top off this near perfect day of bike riding.

Rochester center

This Weekend’s Rides On The South Coast Of Massachusetts

NBW Rides

Saturday 08/01/15 – NBW Cafe Ride (weather permitting)

  • East Bay Bike Path – from Fort Hill to Bristol Bagel and back (27 miles)
  • Leaves Fort Hill Parking Lot at 9:00 AM
  • Contact John Nery for more details


Bike Fall River holding a bike to a Yoga class
Saturday – August 1, 2015

Meetup is at 7:15am at the parking lot across from Meditech on Martine Street (Route 6) Fall River
Ride starts at 7:30am sharp!

The Yoga class begins at 8:30am at Partners Village in Westport and the class is given by Jeff Costa – Jeff is one of the top Yoga instructors in the area. Make sure to bring your yoga mat. Cost of the instruction is by donation.
The ride is approximately 10 miles from Fall River to Partners Village. (For those who want to continue to ride there will be a ride to Westport Point and back)
As always helmets highly recommended – make sure to bring water and a snack.
After the instruction riders can take a break at the bakery shop for some coffee and delicious treats.
As with all rides, this is weather permitting.


Ned's Point Light
Ned’s Point Light Mattapoisett
Sunday – August 2, 2015 – John Sullivan’s Mattapoisett / Marion 30 mile loop
Meetup is at 8:15am at the Stop & Shop parking lot on Route 6 in Fairhaven. Take 195 East – Take Exit 18 in Fairhaven to Route 240.
Follow Route 240 and cross Route 6. Stop and Shop driveway is on the left. Make sure to park away from the store toward Route 6.
The ride starts at 8:30am – This ride is for the experienced road cyclist since most of the ride will be on the road. We will utilize the Fairhaven Bike Path just a bit.
Here is a link to the route:  For the most part the route is relatively flat. The mileage is like riding the East Bay Bike Path with a side trip into Colt State Park.  Our average speed will be 10-14 MPH.  We will set catch up stops for the slower riders. No one will be dropped.
This ride will take us to the Camp Massasoit grounds where we will dodge golf drives as we make our way to rt 6.  A couple of hundred yards on rt 6 will bring us to Mattapoisett center and a short ride to Ned’s Point light house.  Our next stop after a few miles will be Tabor Academy and a short ride around the center of Marion.  We will return on the back roads of Rochester and stop at Plumb Corner for snacks before the final push back to Fairhaven.  
As always helmets are highly recommended – Make sure to bring water and a snack.


Sunday 08/02/15 – NBW #057 – Miles Standish State Forest

  • 23 & 47 mile rides
  • Wareham Town Hall, Wareham, MA
  • Why this ride is special

    • It’s Cape Cod riding, off Cape, with much less traffic, and a shorter drive
    • Stopping for a swim in one of the ponds of Myles Standish State Forest
    • The downhill return along Farm to Market road
    • Plymouth Rock
    • The Mayflower II

    Towns & Villages we travel through

    Wareham – Marion – Carver – South Carver – Plymouth


  • 9:00 AM Summer Start 
  • Wareham Town Hall, Wareham, MA
  • The GPS address is 54 Marion Rd (AKA Route 6), Wareham, MA

GPS Files – RideWithGps format (free to use)

A Ride Into the Smugglers Den

Fort Rodman is located on the Southern tip of the New Bedford, MA peninsular.  It’s a near perfect sight for re-enactments.  In June there was the WWII event with lots of German, English and US Army actors.   There have been battles WWI and the Spanish American war, as well as the Revolutionary War reenactments.   This weekend, the Pirates were in town and the event’s highlight was the naval battle in Buzzards Bay.

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Preparing for the battle at sea
English sloop
Pirates of Buzzard’s Bay












There were dozens of Johnny Depp Characters

People, Boats, Bikes and Horses

Bikes and horses and people
Bikes and horses and people

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The ride in Tiverton, RI last night was a bust. No big deal for this retired guy. I’ll do a long ride tomorrow morning. Well, tomorrow morning arrived and I remembered I am playing tennis tonight. No big deal for this retired guy. I’ll do a long ride tomorrow. Tomorrow will come and I’ll be lucky to walk after a couple hours of tennis tonight. I did find a solution to those next day lactic acid filled burning legs. An ice bath after tennis.

Filling a tub with the coldest water possible out of the faucet, then sitting in it, is very difficult. Last year the best I could do was kneel in the tub. Last week however, I tried the frog in the boiling water system. The one that says if you drop a frog in very hot water it will jump out. But, if you put a frog in cool water and slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will allow itself to be cooked. I sit in an empty tub and turn the cold water on so it flows very slowly, gradually opening the faucet as I adjust to the shock. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. It’s amazing how fast the lactic acid recovery is by a simple ice bath. Or in my case, a cold bath. It’s common for pro athletes to do the ice bath after a game.

There was time to do a ride around town today. Fairhaven, MA is a waterfront town within sight of the western side of Cape Cod and on a clear day, Martha’s Vineyard. A camera is an essential bike component for any bike blogger worth their salt. Sometimes a photographer begins the day with a theme and there are other times, like today, that we simply pay attention to the world and stay ready for what ever happens. There was a lot going on today.

Lots of Boats
Couple on the beach at Fort Phoenix
Returning from deep sea fishing trip
Dog Walker at Fort Phoenix
Entering New Bedford, MA harbor
Basketball in the park
Gull standing guard
Lobster Boat
Tug behind Palmer’s Island Light