Night Ride Video

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It doesn’t have to show all the colors of the rainbow to be vibrant.  But it should say WOW. This was taken by a friend, Peter Pereira

Fairhaven center from unitarian
The Center of Fairhaven Ma. taken from the Unitarian church

A reunion of the retired pro and semi pro soccer players .  It was at the Portuguese Sports Club in New Bedford, MA.  Around 300 men were in attendance including a State Senator, the Portuguese Consulate, the man next in line for the Chief of Police position in the city to name a few.  There were some suits in attendance but most of us were casual.  Portuguese food is not conducive to white shirts and ties, because lots of food usually ends up on them. Continue reading “Night Ride Video”

Night Ride

Yesterday was such a great riding day but I had things to do that prevented me from doing a long ride.  There was a  gathering at the Buzzards Bay Coalition headquarters for the volunteers beginning a 5 PM.  I was not in a rush to get there on time thinking it was one of those casual party type events. Little did I know that it was also a meeting with guest speakers and scientists.

I didn’t get to the function till around 5:30 and lo and behold,  there was only a pittance of food left on the buffet table.  I had to scrape the tidbits from two salad bowls to have something.  There was plenty of cake though, thanks to Marie Antoinette. On the bright side, Sam Adams came through with plenty of larger which allowed me to ride the 6 miles home imitating a pinball machines silver orb.  Good thing I didn’t drive to the function.

Today is a 30 mile fitness ride on one of my regular routes.  I think I have photos in stock of just about every building, tree, animal and whatever, so I will only have my little point an shoot emergency camera in case something unusual gets my attention.   I’m also putting this on Strava so I don’t want to have one of those meager 18 MPH averages speed rides broadcast to the world.

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Black Dog Divers working the night shift
Black Dog Divers working the night shift
Buzzards Bay Coalition Headquarters in New Bedford, Ma
Pick out the scientists