Night Ride Video

The Daily Post.   Asks.  Post something Vibrant

It doesn’t have to show all the colors of the rainbow to be vibrant.  But it should say WOW. This was taken by a friend, Peter Pereira

Fairhaven center from unitarian
The Center of Fairhaven Ma. taken from the Unitarian church

A reunion of the retired pro and semi pro soccer players .  It was at the Portuguese Sports Club in New Bedford, MA.  Around 300 men were in attendance including a State Senator, the Portuguese Consulate, the man next in line for the Chief of Police position in the city to name a few.  There were some suits in attendance but most of us were casual.  Portuguese food is not conducive to white shirts and ties, because lots of food usually ends up on them.

The club is very old fashioned in the sense that no woman go to events like this.  If they do show up, I was told the go downstairs and peel potatoes and skin rabbits.

On the way home, I heard my name being called from the darkness of a house on one of the main drags on the route.  A friend couple were sitting on their front porch smoking cigars.  They told me that when they saw the flashing bike like from a quarter mile away approaching, Heather said, “that must be John”.  At 10 on a cold, windy night her husband Freddy said, “of course it is. Who else would be riding tonight?”  They closed on their new house this day and were celebrating with good Puerto Rican cigars.

It was quite a ride home after one of these events.  The reason I biked to this event is because it would have been illegal to drive home, if you know what I mean.  I was glad to find myself in my own bed this morning. A little surprised too.  Getting home was not a done deal as the beginning of the video suggests.


NIGHT RIDE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Night Ride Video

  1. In the foreground The Tabitha Inn The stone building with the red roof at eleven o’clock in the photo is The Millicent Library. To the right of that with the tall clock tower is The Fairhaven Ma Town hall These are three of buildings built and donated to the town by Henry Huttleston Rogers. , who also gifted the town, a church, a park, schools and a factory to name a few.
    Peter Perreira was granted access to the Unitarian Church steeple to take this iconic photo of the center of historic Fairhaven Ma.


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