30 Days Of Biking Day 2. Provincetown, MA

Rt 6 mile zero


It rained all day and was getting late.  I needed to get out and ride to fulfill my obligation to 30 days of biking.  Once I decided to go for it, the rain lightened and eventually stopped. I did get caught in a couple of meaningless light showers which was no big deal. Provincetown is a highly rated biking area with a good mix of trails, lightly traveled roads and challenging hills.

P-town dunes from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Fool Me Once. Shame On You

Fool me 14 years in a row… well…

Sue having a wonderful time reading last years April 1st edition of the local paper.  Fourteen years and counting

I learned just yesterday from Hank that there is a 30 day bike challenge going on.  I haven’t looked into it yet but figure it’s riding every day for the month of April.  We are in Provincetown and the far tip of Cape Cod and it’s been torrential rain all day.  The rain stopped just as our guests arrived.  I explained to them what I was doing and needed to go for a short ride.  I really can’t miss the first day of a committed ride.  This is going to be difficult week for riding.  An arctic front is moving through with a snow storm on Sunday.  I don’t know the rules of minimum miles but am guessing is just a ride miles be damned.

Here are the P-Town short ride photos