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touring bikes

Last night over dinner at a local bistro the subject of my summer bike tour was broached.  I am doing a 6 day ride in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland with the Rails to Trails organization.  It’s their annual Sojourn, which is sold out by the way.  During that conversation I said “next year will be a much better ride”.

“Where is next years ride?” She asked

“St Augustine, Florida to Austin, Texas”.

“That sounds pretty cool. How long will it take?”

“Really”.  I never expected that, but I’m happy. Most see this as an epic kind of thing, but if your someone who has toured, weather it be a long multi week ride or only a few days, you know that a tour is nothing more than a bunch of daily bike rides.

This ride should take around 30 days to complete. It’s 1200 miles, give or take and it’s on the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route. She also asked if I was riding alone.  That, I don’t want to do and I’ll be perusing bike touring sites keeping a lookout for the companions wanted type of postings.  There are five men my age riding the southern tier who started their tour a couple of weeks ago.  They met online through Adventure Cycling and are riding the whole route from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California.  One of the couples that I’m following are posting HERE.  This is the one of most interest because they are also doing Florida to Austin.

This summers tour will be fun but next year will be a blast, and to this guy who has never wanted to do a long tour… this one sounds pretty cool.



2 thoughts on “That Sounds Pretty Cool

  1. I have 6 weeks of vacation a year….obviously, this is going to be a fitness rebuilding year due to my knee replacement last fall….but 2015?

    I’d love to do one of these……


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